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This is 1 pair of Orgonism Deluxe Bohner Technology Power Disks! Each Disk is charged in either a positive or negative frequency... To get the maxium effect, a pair of disks should be carried in each of your pants pockets... Try them in different combinations of frequencies to get the best desired effect for that day. (2 or more pair are recommended)

The Orgone Energy Accumulator
You've heard all about them... You know how fantastic they are... You know how hard they tried to get rid of this breakthrough technology. Here it is, built to the original specs with only a few slight variations & improvements. Let's face it, this appliance is not for everybody... Most cannot afford it's significant price tag, but in order to get that kind of results, quality materials are needed, and this is constructed of the finest materials at our disposal. Besides, when people see this in your home, they'll immediately know this was not purchased at Home Depot or at a Wal-Mart. This is a premier accumulator for the most premier of people... YOU!

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