Wilhelm Reich Orgonism
Orgone Energy Accumulator

Throughout history mankind has searched for inventions and devices to help accomplish their goals & objectives... Some have succeeded... Some have failed miserably, as seen in the video below.

Take some metal shavings... Pour some resin over them... Stick 'em in your pants pockets and be instantly tranformed... Is it madness?... Or is it genius?... There has been a pretty impressive list of people who have used Orgone based products over the years and many have raved about their power.

Quantum Physics certainly shows that all are possible... How the sheer desire to photograph a particle may be enough to pull it into existance... Perhaps that is the foundation behind our Orgonism Products... The Desire for the Effect creates the means for the effect to materialize.

Our prices are high... Obviously, that is because we want to make as much money as we can. We are also commited to providing the best products in return for that money, so it's a fair relationship. When you're this good at something, you don't need to play around or hide any facts... Many do not believe in our products... Many do... We're not going to try to convince you one way or the other.

Perhaps the time machine in the video above did work... It's just that Napolean returned back to the normal time as if nothing ever happened.
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