Wilhelm Reich Orgonism
Orgone Energy Accumulator

ORGONE ACCUMULATOR Wilhelm Reich who died in an American federal prison on charges which today would be laughed out of any court. Reich had attained his medical degree in Germany and studied psychoanalysis with Sigmund Freud, becoming one of Freud's favorites. Mildred Edie Brady and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began an investigation into Reich's orgone energy accumulator. They claimed Reich was conducting a sex racket, and his books must be pornographic literature.

In 1954, the American feds went after Reich again. Without any proof whatsoever, the FDA succeeded in having a federal court brand the accumulator a fraud, with the added dictum that orgone energy does not exist, and they ordered that all literature that mentioned orgone energy should be burned. Reich was imprisoned. He died of a heart attack in prison at the age of 60 in 1957, the day before he was to go up for parole.

In 1940 Reich spent five hours with Einstein. When Reich left, he said to Einstein, "You understand now why everyone thinks I'm mad." Einstein replied: "And how!!"

A Crack-pot perhaps... But a genius for sure...

We are also pleased to take some of the work of others (Orgonite) to the next level with a process we have named Bohner Technology. Even though the main combination of elements used appear to the same, we mix many elements of the past energy accumulator with the simplicity of Orgonite production. This makes it more difficult to produce, but the end results are worth the substantial price difference between the two... Organite would be considered the "silver" level of technology, whereas Bohner Technology now sets the new gold standard.

Bohner Technology™ requires a person to carry 2 "Orgonism" (one positive charged and the other negative charged) disks in each of their front and rear pants pockets. (8 disks are needed in total, however acceptable results will result if carried in only 2 pockets)... These disks are only about 1/2" thick, so there is no discomfort and it's this combination of Orgonism Disks that produce the Bohner Technology advantage...

Bohner Disks This energy is surrounds your "root" Chakra location that everybody knows is the center of all life. The Bohner Technology therefore travels & energizes you from the root to the crown, giving you a depth of feelings & pleasures based upon the very life force itself. We believe it was this vision thay Reich had in mind when he created the Orgone Energy Accumulator Logo.

The Shaft joins & completes Circle of Life. Because each Orgonism Disk carries a different frequency, it therefore stimulates a person's natural powers of attraction. Those in marriages or in "commited relationships" need to be very careful if wearing these in public as their effect often causes significant personal tempations.

The Orgone Energy Accumulator Logo



Many of our customers have found that if they glue a 1oz pure silver Amercian Eagle (or similar .999 pure) coin to the positively charged Bohner Disks, the effect is nearly 10 times stronger. We have not verified those results just yet, but should this prove to be accurate, we may begin to incorporate that into our design. Naturally, the cost factor will be slightly higher depending upon the current spot price of silver. We would perfer to use 1 oz .999 pure Gold Eagles, but we leave that option open to you and your Bohner Technology™ budget.